I almost puked — Xfit JT and followup workout

Today was my first REAL Xfit workout.

I survived.

No max strength today, just intensity.  The WOD was JT — vertical pushups, ring dips, pushups — 21/15/9.
My form quickly fell apart, but I stuck with it and finished in 8:23.

Then he had us do a followup workout with a 6 or 8 lb med ball:
20/Wall balls, 15/med ball slams, 10/rotations, sprint x3.

I nearly died. The wall balls killed me.  My form was awful, no matter how hard I tried.  On the 2nd two rounds, I didn’t even make it to 20.  I was proud I made it to 15 on the 3rd round.  We didn’t time that one.
We finished with planks and some stretching. 

I was shaking for hours afterward.  My goal the rest of the day was recovery food:

Oatmeal and banana at breakfast, followed up by a hard-boiled egg.
Yogurt with berries and granola at mid-morning.
Small cheese sandwich, tomato soup and strawberries at lunch.
Cantalope and apple slices with almond butter at mid-afternoon. / Gingerbread muffin satisfied a sweet craving.
Red sweet potato curry with bok choy, tofu and rice at dinner.

I’m striving to eat most of my calories from frutis and veggies, protein and fat — I am not cutting out bread/grain carbs — I’m just not focusing on them.

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