Kung Fu conditioning workout

 The Kung Fu conditioning class workout was chosen for its brevity — I needed to leave by 8:15 to be at work by 9.

Here’s what we did:

Jump rope — 2 min

The following exercise set 3 times:
Burpees x 60 sec
Bicycles x 60 sec
Dive Bombers x 60 sec
Lunges x 60 sec
Med Ball slams x 60 sec
Rest x 60 sec

Anything with arms was hard for me today thanks to yesterday’s workout, so I left out the pushups and did my best with the dive bombers.  My arms are sore today, but usable, which is a good sign.

I ate 2 muffins today, which was not good for my nutrition, but I also ate:

Oatmeal w/banana
Coffee and milk
Yogurt with berries and granola
Leftover Sweet potato curry with pasta instead of rice
Cantelope (I also ate a muffin here)
Muffin for dinner

I might eat more for dinner, but I haven’t felt like cooking and Andy’s not home yet. 

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