A fun run

Talk about a fun run!

We had a blast at the inaugural Zilker Holiday Tree 5K on Sunday!

The weather was perfect, well — almost.  It was a little cold, but once we got running we quickly warmed up.

I think I took it a little too easy.  I kept the pace slow because Andy’s calf muscle has been really bothering him (I’m surprised he ran, frankly).  He had to stop about 1.5 miles in and told me to go on.  I crossed the finish line at 37 minutes — and I knew I had gone really slow, but it was a fun run, and I’ve been eating like crap for two days, so all I wanted to do was finish without stopping.

I accomplished that.  In fact — I didn’t have anything to worry about.  I felt absolutely terrific at the end.  I want to do this run again next year!!

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