Good enough for the Army?

Today deserves a celebration.  Mads turns 4 months old today!

Four months of a new person in the house.  Four months of baby giggles and hugs.  Four months of being “4” instead of “3.”

Four months of heading down the long road from a pregnant body toward a bad ass body.

Still trying to get there, but the signs are encouraging.

So I did the Week 3 challenge WOD on Saturday, and, while I’m not sure it’s enough to get me into the Army, I’m pretty happy with how I did.

Army PT Test
2 min max sit ups
2 min rest
2 min max push ups
2 min rest
2 mile run

Situps — 54
Pushups — 41
Run — 18:03

I consider this a major PR.  Honestly, I believe that when I did this one last year, I did not run the full 2 miles, because I didn’t measure it out.  I just guessed.  I think.  Anyway, this year the time was a bit slower, but it’s the best one so far since Mads was born, and I’m considering it a PR.  Plus I did one more sit up and one more pushup.

And guess what!  Almost all of those push ups were on my toes — 35 to be exact.  Yay!

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