Paramount Break-A-Leg 5K 2011

My friend and running buddy Jenny puts the Paramount 5K like this — it’s the race for lazy people.

It’s held in conjunction with the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon.  It’s 3 miles versus 13 or 26.  It sure seems lazy on the surface.

But in reality, 5K isn’t anything to turn your nose up at.  It’s a great distance for people who want to be fit overall — not just have great endurance.  Plus it seems like EVERYONE is doing a marathon these days, and I hate following the crowd.  I’m OK with the 5K and 10K for now.

I like running the Paramount.  The course is good and it’s kind of cool to be there with all of those runners, feeding off of the excitement about the marathon.

Last year really sucked.  All I wanted to do was finish.  This year was different.  My running has improved, but I just wanted to have fun.  And it was.

Here are my stats.

My time was 29:46.  I was 286 overall.  Could I have run faster?  Yeah — I think so.  I wasn’t pushing myself like I could have.

But this run was a reminder that the 10K is only a month away.  I went home and signed up.  And Jenny and I are going to start increasing the miles.  I’ve never run 6 miles before.  This should be fun.

I snapped off a few photos after the race, once I met up with the family at the finish line.  see the guy in the Livestrong outfit?  Is that Lance Armstrong finishing the Half?

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