The drive to be stronger

Luke eats a cucumber chunk while posing next to Cindy and Madeline
Luke, Cindy and Madeline at the Austin Zoo

Children amaze me.

They seriously do.  And not just because they’re like little sponges and pick up “book” learning so quickly.  It’s their constant drive to be physically strong.

My daughter never stops moving.  I call her squirmy.  She’s 5 months old (as of Wednesday) and is rolling from her back to her belly.  She’s sitting up more easily.  It’s amazing that this creature, who hardly moved when she was born, is constantly striving to get stronger.

My son is no different.  At 4, he never stops moving.  He loves to show visitors to our home the gymnastics moves he practices almost incessantly: flips, headstands, balance beam and floor routines.  During my Wednesday workout with Steph and Beth, he ran with us on our 400m warmup run.

He’s signed up to run the Junior ‘Dillo in April.

It’s too bad many adults “forget” that drive to move.

I did for a long time.  I think I’m finally in better health than I was when I was a kid.  I remember running and running and running when I played soccer.

I think I’m faster now than I was then.  Maybe not by much.  But it’s a start.

On Wednesday, the Week 7 workouts we had to choose from both involved running.  Beth and I couldn’t agree on which one to do, so we let Stephanie be our tie-breaker.  This is what she chose:

3 rounds
800m run
8 Sumo deadlift high pulls
8 Front squats

The elite weight for this WOD was supposed to be 35# dumbbells.  I only have 1 30# DB, and we were confused as to whether you would use both on the SDLHPs or front squats.  Steph and I chose to use the 45# bars instead, and Beth used the dumbbell.  I measured out the distance.

It was A LOT of running.

Time: 14:30

We also did the strength component.

Push Jerk 7×1

Results: 55-60-65-70-75-80-85

I was tired.  The bar felt heavy.  But I think 80 may be a PR?  But at this rate, my goal to get an 80# shoulder press is looking grim.  I better rest up before I make the attempt on Tuesday morning.  Because, unlike my kids, I don’t have endless amounts of energy.

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