Bye, bye baby body. I’m back.

Mads is over 5 months old now, and we’ve both changed so much.

She’s growing like a weed.  She’s starting to sit up, roll over, and I love how she laughs when we sing and talk to her.  It’s crazy how she’s turning into this little person right before my eyes.

I’m changing, too — and I’m noticing it physically.  I’m… well… SMALLER.  My pajamas, which were tight just a few months ago, are now loose around my waist.  I’m back to wearing my small pair of Lulu WunderUnders.  And I just went shopping this weekend and was pleasantly amazed by the sizes I had to buy.

Eight weeks of clean-eating and intense training really can change things.

But I think what has been really telling is my results at the gym.  Yesterday we started Crossfit Total  I only had time to complete one of the 3 max-weight exercises:

Back Squat

Results: 115-125-145

I’m back.  145# was my max up through the first half of my pregnancy.  After that, it was too unsafe to even go that high.  And after Mads was born, I had to rebuild the strength I had lost.  I tried 145# in December, and scratched.

I’m back.  If anything rings a bell for me that I have recovered from pregnancy — it’s this.  I can’t wait to finish out Total on Thursday.

Later on Tuesday, I did one of the challenge’s home workouts, since I skipped it on Saturday.

20 swings
10 push ups
30 swings
15 push ups
40 swings
20 push ups

Time: 6:02 @ 30#

I really need a kettlebell, so I can use a full pood on those swings.

Today I get my body comp done for the end of the challenge — we’ll see how I did!

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