Luke’s first race

I think I’ve inspired my son to run.

First there was the Turkey Trot.  Then the Zilker Tree run.  He really wanted to accompany me on the Paramount 5K.  And he’s been talking about signing up for Marathon Kids since the beginning of the school year (you have to be 5 — he’ll be eligible in the fall).

On Saturday morning, Luke got to compete in a race that was all his — the Statesman Junior Dillo.  He was so excited.

Andy ran the mile-long race with him, because I wanted to rest and hang out with Madeline during the race.  It was so awesome to see him run all the way in and cross the finish line.  He crossed it after about 14 minutes — not too shabby for being 4!  Luke told me he even fell and scraped up his knees and elbows, but he jumped back up and kept running!

We celebrated with a trip to his favorite burger joint — Hut’s, of course! — and ice cream parlor — Amy’s, where we all indulged in a delicious and rare treat!

It will be my turn to run tomorrow, and I hope the burger and ice cream don’t hurt me too badly, but it was so worth it to celebrate with my little runner, who has informed me that he wants to do more.

I took a bunch of pictures — check ’em out:

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