My Cap10K

This morning, I saw a guy three times with a sign that read “Running Sucks.”  There was a time when I would have agreed, but today I had so much fun running the Cap10K!

The Cap10K was — by far — one of the best organized races I’ve run so far, and the course was great.  There were some significant hills, but each one was followed by a decent decline, which made recovery easy.  I kept thinking — “I’m having a great time!  Should I be having a good time?  This is the farthest I’ve ever run.”

Cindy and Jenny after the Cap 10KMy chip time came in at 1:00:37 — not quite under an hour as I hoped, but I did walk for a couple of minutes with Jenny when she started feeling sick.  I wasn’t going to leave my running buddy.  It’s only a run.

I will definitely do this run again next year, and my goal is to run it in under 50 minutes.  Think I can do it?

I had a total playlist win during the race, thanks to some suggestions from my friend Richard and some fresh downloads from Amazon.  But that’s not all.  Here are my top loves from the race:

5. Being timed.
This cut down on having to dodge runners and stroller for the first mile.
Totally worth the extra money.

4. Extra water stations
I didn’t use every single one, but it was nice that the race planners put them at more frequent intervals later in the course.

3. Connelly HS Band — playing under the overpass after mile marker 3.
I started clapping for them, and they got excited and started playing again.  Awesome.

2. Neighborhood residents stationed along the frontage road between Enfield and Lake Austin Boulevard.
These folks came out in force and even provided what I assume was unofficial entertainment.  They rocked.

1. The eldery woman in the wheelchair dressed in the cow costume under the MoPac bridge who was cheering us on.
Need I say more?  I love Austin.

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