“There she goes!”

There is constant construction in my neighborhood.  Houses are old, and sometimes the owners die and homes are renovated or razed when new owners take over.

There’s a house up the street that’s been under renovation for months. I think the woman that owned it moved into a nursing home or died.  I feel bad that I never met her, but I never saw her outside.

In January or February there was a port-o-potty in front of the house.  It’s gone now, but every time I pass the house I think about that port-o-potty and how my friend Beth ducked into it during a warmup 400m run from my house.  “Did you just use that port-o-potty?”  “Yeah.”  “You know I have a bathroom at my house…” “I know, but I’ve already used it twice…”

I laugh every time I remember that.

There were workmen in front of the house Monday morning.  They were sitting in their trucks, waiting for the foreman or contractor, I assume.  They stared at me as I made my way to the telephone pole and back on the first leg of my endurance workout (which I had skipped on Sunday).  I felt a little uneasy running by — like I was being judged.  I nearly called off the whole WOD.  But I gave myself a hard kick in the pants and told myself to suck it up and finish.  It didn’t matter that I was putting on a show.  Hell — it would be a GOOD-LOOKING show, and I should be proud.

As I ran back to my house on round 6, I heard one of them say “there she goes!”  I laughed.  I HAD put on a good show.

Here was my workout:

6 rounds
400m repeats
(rest 2 minutes between rounds)

OK — so I did modify it a little.  The original was 8 rounds — but I didn’t want to run by the workmen THAT many times.  And the rest was only supposed to be the amount of time it took you to run the previous interval (which was about 1:47 for me) but logistically, it was easier to set the clock to 2 min.

Times: 1:47-1:43-1:46-1:47-1:47-1:48

All under 2 minutes!  Yay!  And that wasn’t all.  I warmed up with a mini met-con and some strength work:

5min AMRAP
9 sprawl
6 KB Russian twist (1 pood — each side)
3 KB press from ground

Results: 4 rounds + 7 sprawl

This was a great WOD, and it can easily be turned into a longer met-com.  Andy made it a 12min AMRAP, changing the presses to 3 one-armed on each side.

Love my kettlebell!

Then, I tested my shoulder press strength:

Shoulder Press

Results: 50-60-70(only got 2)-70(only got 1)-65

Check it out — I got 2 at 70#.  That means it’s not my 1 rep max anymore!  I can’t wait for Crossfit Total in June — I will be smashing some PR’s!

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