Running back to Mr. Genovese

In 6th grade, my P.E. teacher was Mr. Genovese. I loved Mr. Genovese.  He was so nice, even to a fat girl like me.  He encouraged, but never yelled.  And he was cute.

I didn’t mind dressing out for gym.

We alternated between Health class and P.E.  I remember spending weeks in a classroom taking notes on the digestive system, then abruptly needing to dress out for gym the next week.

I don’t remember much of what we did in P.E., but I do remember having to run a mile.

I wasn’t exactly “fat” in 6th grade, but I certainly wasn’t skinny.  I played soccer, and I ran a lot in short bursts.  I also played tennis, so I ran all over the court.  But running a mile was different.  It was longer, and it was really hard for me.  But I wouldn’t let myself stop.  I dug in and focused on breathing.  One lap, two laps…. until I finished.

I actually surprised myself.  All of that soccer running must have paid off because I distinctly remember my mile time: 7:41.  I don’t think I ran it that fast ever again.

I want to run that fast again.  One day.  I used to think I could never do it, but all of the Crossfit Endurance stuff really seems to work.  Kind of like soccer, it’s about short intense bursts of speed rather than slogging miles.  I’m running 400m in about 1:47 — consistently.  Now, it’s time to clean up my form.

I showed up at Austin High’s track this evening for a special edition of the free endurance workout.  This time it was more focused on technique, rather than the workout.  Coaches Lisa and Benjamin led us.   We went over POSE and did a bunch of drills.  It was definitely geared toward newcomers to POSE, but I think I benefited.  There are a lot of things I hadn’t been clear on and I also tend to get sloppy when I tire.  There was even a workout designed for us to practice what we learned:

6 x 200m

We didn’t keep time — it was all about form.

Maybe… just maybe… I’ll run as fast as I did when Mr. Genovese was my coach.

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