Benchmark: Slower time but more weight

Sometimes these benchmark workouts simultaneously frustrate and excite me.

Today was “CC Flyers.” Class was D.E.A.D.  Six people showed up. (I would never dream of not showing up, but then again, I’m kind of weird. I showed up the day before Mads was born.)

CC Flyers
3 rounds
400m run
21 Box jumps
12 Overhead squats (M 95# / W 65#)

We did overhead squats last week, so I decided that I would try the same weight again — 65#. RX.  It was a struggle for me, but I felt much stronger than last week.  It was like I KNEW that I could do it, so I just DID it.  Did I have a mental conversation with myself? Absolutely.  What Cindy workout wouldn’t be complete without a running dialog in my head?

Me: This is hard.

Other me: Yep.  Keep going.

Me: Really hard.

Other me: Keep going.  You may not finish, but you gotta keep going.

Me: I really want to finish.  I finished with 55# last time.

Other me: But you want to be strong.  And to get stronger you have to move heavy things. You’re not Gweneth Paltrow.

Me: They’re going to cut me off soon.

Other me: Keep going, dammit!

Big thanks to my friend Steph who cheered me on (and finished, by the way) as I was doing those last box jumps.  It kept me from taking a bunch of breaks. And big thanks to Coach Zach who offered to take pictures of me during the WODs so I could post on my blog.

Last time we did this benchmark (May 3), my time was 14:49 @ 55#. Today:

Time: Completed 2 rounds + run + 19 box jumps RX

Next time — I plan to finish.

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