Our Sunday run

There are an insane number of people who run at Lady Bird Lake on the weekend — especially when I think it’s waaaaaay too hot.

Of course, I’m one of those people — so I really shouldn’t talk.

Andy and I took the kids and their respective strollers down to the trail for what has become our weekly long run.  It’s part of our preparation for the Tough Mudder.  I feel bad for Andy, who pushes the stroller with Luke.  Luke is nearly 40 pounds now.  He’s getting a bike for his upcoming birthday, so hopefully he’ll be able to ride along with us at some point.  But for now, if Andy and I want to run together, we push the kids.

I gotta say, pushing a stroller is no joke.  My arms always feel fried. And it’s not easy pushing one with soft wheels (which is what I’ve had to deal with).  So it’s actually great training for the Tough Mudder for when we have to run through mud and stuff like that.  All we have to do now is add in push ups and squats every mile or so.

We ended up running the Congress to Mopac loop — 4.79 miles @ 46:49.  This time does not include our water stop at Auditorium Shore or the 1/2 mile Andy needed to walk because his knee started hurting.  In fact, I’ve told Andy he’s out of commission for at least a week because of that pain. I hope he feels better soon.

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