Endurance WOD: 400m repeats


400m on a track:
Start somewhere on oval; run around the curve toward the left; finish at same spot on oval.
400m at my house:
Start in backyard on mulch; run around porch corner; dodge homemade rings dangling from pull up bar; through the gate; over the weedy side yard; around the carport post; sharp left at the sidewalk; maneuver over bumby, uneven sidewalk; U-turn at the 2nd telephone pole; back down the sidewalk; sharp right at the driveway; dodge the car; through overgrown weeds; in the gate; around the rings; around the porch corner and back to the start.
It’s been a while since I did a straight up endurance WOD. I toyed with the idea of adding something like squats, but I decided that would be too much like a met-con.
This one pretty much killed me. It laid me out, but I went all out on this one.

8 x 400m repeats
(Rest the exact time it took to run interval.)
1) 1:54
2) 1:53
3) 1:55
4) 1:54
5) 1:55
7) 1:54
8) 1:53

I was shocked by my times. All under 2 mins! Yay!
I still feel shaky, but what a workout!

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