“You should be motivated to train…”


One evening this week after tucking the kids into bed, I walked into the kitchen to find one of Andy’s workout books open on the counter.  It’s was Ross Emanit’s Full Throttle Conditioning, and the page it was open to had the words “Warning Signs” at the top.

It was Andy’s way of gently suggesting I not work out that night.

We’ve been talking all week about how I’ve been feeling, because in general, the past week has been a bear.  There’s been suckage all around, from training to work to home to just general attitude.  My mantra has been, “I’m crabby.”  And it has stayed with me for the better part of the week.

Ross’ book has some techniques to avoid what I’ve been feeling, which may be partly due to overtraining.  But I think it’s also LIFE (I miss my running buddy! Mads is teething and getting up at night! I really want to east that birthday cake, but I would have to write it in my food log and then Zach would see it!).  You know the signs of overtraining — stuff like fatigue, lack of enthusiasm, not being able to perform when it counts, and so on.

I’ve definitely been fatigued, and not enthusiastic. So I took Saturday and Sunday off.  Sunday was kind of an active recovery day.  Normally I go for a long run.  But I was not looking forward to running with the stroller, which is what Andy wanted to do.  SO we walked.  I started off crabby and emotional and just pissy in general.  But 2 miles in, and after lots of talking, I was feeling better. In fact, when I saw the pullup bars at Auditorium Shores I decided to do 10 negative pullup holds.

And you know what?  I felt even better.

By the end of the walk I was a different woman.

We came home, I tackled a big house project and got it mostly completed, so I felt even better.  I thought about doing a workout, but I decided to give it another day at least.  I’m actually looking forward to workout out, possibly Monday night.

I’m hoping that when Tuesday morning rolls around, my enthusiasm has returned in full force.

Never under-estimate the power of rest and talking.  It goes a long way.

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