The early side of Sunday

Saturday night into early Sunday morning was kind of rough at the Brummer casa. It seemed like no one could sleep!

I was awake. Mads was awake. Andy had trouble falling asleep. Luke fell asleep at 4pm, but woke up in the middle of the night and came looking for us. All in all — there were a lot of tired people Sunday morning!

I woke up early anyway because I was planning to do a strength workout on my own with no one interrupting me. Unfortunately, I didn’t let the dog out right away, so she went in the kids’ room and woke them up.


I got a workout in away. It was just delayed, and I felt bad that Andy had to entertain the troops when he so desperately needed sleep.

Sunday was scheduled to be a lighter weight day with more technical movements, so I stuck with my trusty 20# DBs.

200 jump rope swings
40 double unders
10 ring pullup holds-negatives

A) 1-arm DB split snatch 5×3 reps (45 sec rest)
B) 2 DB Push Jerk 5×3 reps (45 sec rest)
C) 4 sets: 5 1-arm DB bench press/ 8 push ups (60 sec rest)
D) 4 sets: 60 sec wall squat / 10 squat jumps (60 sec rest)

3 rounds– 5 Turkish get-ups @ 10# DB / 6 Saxon side bends @ 10# DB / 10 V-ups / 10 knee hugs / 5 V-ups / 5 knee hugs

It turned out to be a nice, lazy day after that. Andy took Luke to the park to try out his new bike in the first of what will likely be many bike-riding lessons. I went on strike and decided not to clean. That’s about it.

Sometimes that’s all you need.

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