Interval runs: Scaring the neighbors

I think I freaked out my 90+ year old neighbor this morning.

Thelma is — seriously — the sweetest, most vibrant and active elderly woman I’ve ever met. But I think I completely freaked her out. And if I didn’t, she was VERY suspicious.

I was just finishing up my workout (which was:)

6 x 400m run
5 x 50m sprints

It was dark — just after 6am — when I ran by her house on the last sprint. I was walking back, feeling good about shaving time off of my sprint when she walked outside to pick up her newspaper.

“Good morning, Thelma!” I said, but I tried to greet her quietly so I wouldn’t disturb the other neighbors.

Silent stare.

“How are you today?” I panted (I was still recovering from the sprint).

Silent stare.

I smiled, wondered if she heard me, and kept walking. I felt her eyes follow me. And I think she even walked out to the sidewalk to see where I was going. I don’t think she recognized me. I’m sure I looked pretty weird. I was wearing my dark blue bandana (a gang symbol!) and I was carrying my stopwatch (what the hell is that in her hand?!).

I tried to look nonchalant and did not look back. I didn’t want to look any more suspicious than I already did. I mean, who runs up and down the sidewalk in the dark?

Ha ha! I hope Thelma’s OK. One day I’ll have to go over there and explain.

Good intervals, though:

400s — 2:01 / 1:52 / 1:50 / 1:51 / 1:53 / 1:51
50s — 11 secs each sprint

I finished up inside with some core training.

3 rounds
5 Wheel roll-outs
15 V-ups
20 Russian Twists with med ball
12 Supermans

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