Talking “Crossfit”

The people around me who don’t Crossfit probably think I’m really weird.  When I make friends, it’s hard not to talk about my life, and my nutrition and exercise are a big part of it.

And for those that will listen, I talk about my workouts — A LOT. Not because I’m bragging, but because it’s something I’m passionate about and I like sharing.

I stop by my friend Robin’s office every day, and one day I invited her to try out Crossfit. Most people laugh and say something like — oh, that’s too much for me. But Robin actually said yes! So I brought her to my gym’s free workout on Saturday. And she LOVED it.

I knew she would. 😉

Cindy and Robin after the free WODIt was a great WOD. Here’s what we did:

5 min AMRAP
7 Ring Dips
6 R-Arm DB Thruster
6 L-Arm DB Thruster

2 min rest

Tabata Burpees

2 min rest

5 min AMRAP
20 ft walking lunge
200m run

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Hi! I'm Cindy Brummer. By day, I'm a web & wordpress designer/developer/content strategist. And for fun, I'm a cook, Crossfitter, novice Olympic weightlifter, and mom to two cuties. Find me on Google+.