Saturday is my favorite day

View from above of Mads asleep in her car seat
Sometimes the only time Mads naps is when we run errands.

How do you spend your Saturdays?

My family usually spends Saturday running errands. But I actually like errands. Errands means fun explorations around Austin. The downtown Farmers Market is always like festival. We get to visit all of our farmer and vendor friends, dance to music, and leave with a bunch of yummy stuff.

Then sometimes we stop at Whole Foods. We don’t buy a lot, but it’s fun to look. And lately Luke and I have been stopping at the dessert bar to smell all of the delicious cobblers and puddings. It’s heaven. And it’s a fun way to acknowledge the desserts without actually buying and eating them.

But in order to have enough positive energy to hang with the family all day, deal with possible kid tantrums and handle crises, I need ME time in the morning. I wake up well before dawn, hoping the kids stay asleep long enough for me to finish.

I grab my water bottle, workout log and stopwatch and head out back for a mom-only workout.  Baby Girl was up at 5 this past Saturday, but thankfully Andy was up early to hang with her so I could have my time alone.

Explosive Strength
A) 2-DB Push Press 4 x 3 @ 30# (90 sec rest in between sets)
B) 1-arm DB Snatch 4x 3 @ 30# (90 sec rest in between sets)
C) 4 sets: 5 DB lunges @ 25# / 10 jumping lunges (60 sec rest in between sets)
D) 4 sets: 5 ring pullups (scaled) / 15 push ups (60 sec rest in between sets)
Finisher: 3 x 15 KB swings (35# with 30 sec between sets)

I’m getting stronger with those dumbbells. I’ve already had to up the weight, and I really think I should be using 35#, not 30#. I have to use Andy’s adjustable dumbbells for those, and I hate how they loosen, but oh well… it’s not in the budget to buy more dumbbells.

I’ll just have to put them on my list for Santa.

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