Places in my workout world: The Backyard

very dark photo of the neighbors' buzzing lightOne of my neighbors has a very loud buzzing light in their backyard.  It comes on every night when the sun goes down and stays on until sunrise.

It used to bug Andy, and sometimes we talk about shooting it out, since it only adds to the light pollution in the neighborhood. But it’s one of the familiar sights and sounds in the backyard when I work out early in the morning before most people are awake.

I stood outside this morning and listened to the buzzing while resting between sets. I gazed up at the sky and made out the constellation Orion. I saw a planet in the southwestern sky and wondered which one it was. Probably Jupiter. Venus would be in the east at that hour.

I hear all sorts of interesting stuff when I’m out in the backyard working out. One time the neighbor behind me was fussing at a raccoon that — I guess — had gotten into her chicken coop. “Bad raccoon! Bad, bad raccoon!” It sounded as if she hit it pretty good, and I heard it scramble up the nearest tree. I shook my head. There’s no such thing as a good or bad animal. An animal just IS.

Most of the time I just hear the normal neighborhood stuff. The next-door-neighbors letting their dogs out. The newspaper delivery guy creeping by in his car. Rats crawling along the back fence. (Yes, I have rats in my neighborhood. It’s a constant battle.)

I realized today that I spend more time outside in the backyard when it’s dark than I do when it’s light. It’s hard to see much beyond my back porch except for outlines and, of course, that buzzing light. I guess that’s why I do a lot more listening than looking when I’m out there. You can hear a lot of interesting things in the backyard if you open your ears.

It was chilly this morning. I managed to get in my entire workout plan before anyone woke up.

A) 2-DB Push press 3×4 @ 30# (90 sec rest between sets)
B) 1-arm DB snatch 3×4 @ 30# (90 sec rest between sets)
C) 4 sets: 10 2-DB lunges @ 25# / 10 jumping lunges (60 sec rest between sets)
D) 4 sets: 5 ring pullups / 15 pushups (60 sec rest between sets)
Finisher: 15×3 KB swings @ 35#
Core: 4 sets → 5 flag / 10 russian twists w/ KB / 10 high-tension crunches / 12 supermans / 80 chinnies

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