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Olympic lifting WOD board for Monday October 31, 2011

Sometimes I get really serious. And when I’m serious, it shows on my face.

I would be very bad at poker. I have NO poker face.

My lack of a poker face must have been evident Monday after Olympic Lifting class when Zach walked over and told me in his own unique and charming way not to get frustrated.

“Cindy, you don’t need to get frutrated! There’s not need!”

Of course, he knows me a little too well, and I was embarrassed about getting frustrated. So I lied and said I wasn’t, but he saw right through me.

I was frustrated because class didn’t go so well for me. I’m inconsistent. And my form falls apart as we add weight to the bar.

We did an excellent snatch progression Monday, designed to help us practice the move and move up the weight.  but the farther we moved along, the more difficulty I had. And when I attempted 65#… well… it wasn’t pretty. Zach even told me I was LAZY in the attempt.


And he’s right. I let my fear of the heavier weight affect how I moved the bar and myself. And then I got frustrated.

Front squats: 70% x 5, 75% x 4, 85% 4×4 → 80/85/100
Hip Power Snatch 3×3 → 35/35/35
Hip Snatch 2×3 → 55/55/55
Hang Snatch below the knee 3×2, 2×2, 1×3 → 55/55/65
Snatch Balance 5×3 → 35/35/45

After class, I stewed for a little while. Then I read a post that helped me change my outlook. The post is by one of the Crossfit Central coaches about failure.

In short: You’ve got to fail more to succeed more.

I’ve been failing, but I’ve been looking at it wrong. How am I ever going to learn this stuff if I get all frustrated? I look at Carey — she gets a lot of coaching too, but when Zach corrects her or when she fails, she has a smile on her face.

I could take a cue from her. I can have a lot more fun and still get the most out of my training time.

It’s time to lighten up.

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