Luke’s Marathon

Luke runs toward the camera on a school track.My Luke is running a marathon.

He joined a group from his school and is participating in Marathon Kids, a free program designed to help children develop a love for being active.

Over 6 months, Luke is running or walking or both for a total of 26.2 miles. He’s also supposed to eat healthy foods every day and learn to grow his own vegetables and fruit as part of the program. (Not a problem…)

Sunday evening I joined Luke, Andy and Mads for one of his Marathon Kids runs. (Andy is one of the coaches for the school program.) I love watching Luke run, because like all kids, he has that natural gait they teach in the pose running seminars — the gait adults forget how to do after years of wearing fancy running shoes.

I’m not sure how far Luke has run so far as part of the program, but he has until February to put in his miles. So far, I can tell Luke is more of a sprinter than a distance athlete, but I’m totally cool with that, because it’s whatever works for him, right?

Run, Luke, run!

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