Mads, Cindy and Luke at the Zilker Holiday Tree

The importance of rest

I’m back! Yay! How was your Christmas? Did you rest or decide to work out through the break?

After a nice long Christmas break, I’m sliding back into my workout routine and setting goals for 2012, which is only a few days away. Yikes!

I had a great Christmas. It wasn’t about gifts this year. It was about family, friends, experiences, food — everything I love. And for a solid week I did not work out.

Mads, Cindy and Luke at the Zilker Holiday Tree
Mads, Luke and I visited the Zilker Holiday Tree on my first night of rest.

My gym always takes two weeks off during the holidays. For the past two years I have ignored the break and worked out on my own or something like that, because I always thought that I needed to stay active. And I learned something from that.

Staying active is fine, but your muscles don’t get stronger unless you let them rest. Yes, it’s true.

So I scheduled in a week of rest. And I needed it. I was tired. I was feeling lethargic about working out. I wasn’t really looking forward to classes or home WODs. I needed a break.

So I rested, and I let myself indulge a few times. I enjoyed food and drink over Christmas that I usually don’t eat (probably a little too much). I slept in (a little). And I played (my kids and husband are toooooo much fun).

By the end of the week, I felt a little heavy (thanks to all that yummy food), and I was ready to get back to working out. On Monday morning, I woke up early and headed out back. The rain made me change my plans a little, but I managed to figure something out without waking everyone up.

Here’s what I’ve done:

Strength: Hip Power Clean 4×4 → 45/55/65/75
Met-con: 4 rounds → 30 situps/20 ring rows/10 DB Hang power cleans (25#), Time: 11:48
Core: 4 sets → 5 wheel rollouts/6 Deadlift twist (each side @ 25#)/15 knee hugs/45 sec plan hold

Front squats w/ 5 sec pause 5×4 → 75/80/85/85
Snatch Power Jerk + OHS 3×2, 2×3 → 45/55, 60/65/70
Snatch Balance 4×3 → 45/45/55

1 mile leisurely run the the dogs

Back squats w/ 5 sec pause 5×4 → 75/75/80/85
Snatch Balance + OHS → 45/45/45/55
Push Press 5×3 → 65/70/75
Skillwork: 5 ring pullup holds-to-negatives

I’ve kind of been taking it easy. But it’s enough activity to get me all ready when classes start up again next week. The time off has been really nice . It’s helped me get fired up for 2012. Gotta work on my goals!

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