So long 2011

Dear 2011,

Well, what can I say? We’ve had our ups and downs. I’ve celebrated victories. I’ve mourned defeats. But despite the low points of our time together, I will never say that I regret knowing you.

I can’t say I’m the same person I was one year ago today. That Cindy was me, true, but my experiences over the past year have wizened me, strengthened me, and helped me to appreciate my accomplishments. I’ve set personal records, faced my fears, and taken on new challenges.

It was once said that “a life without risk is no life at all.” I think I appreciate that statement more today than I did.

I’m a little sad you’ll be gone after today. You’ll be but a memory. Gone but not forgotten. Leaving behind countless photos, scars and experiences that I’ll look at or remember for the rest of my short time in this universe.

When I count down your last moments, I’ll think about everything I’ve accomplished over the past year. And I’ll feel proud.

Best wishes,


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