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Focusing in the gym

photo credit: ericmcgregor via photo pin cc

Wednesdays are my favorite days.

While I love the excitement of a busy gym, especially when I need to wake up so early in the morning, there is a definite advantage to doing Olympic Lifting in a quiet, calm environment.

At least for me.

I feel like I can focus better. And on Wednesday mornings, my class practically gets the gym to ourselves. It’s so quiet. I love it.

That doesn’t mean focus comes naturally. I have a tendency to want to chit-chat more when the gym is quiet. Maybe it’s because Zach and Anna and Karen can actually hear me. Chit-chatting is OK in between exercises, but not between reps and sets. In fact, this morning I stepped up to the bar and was making a comment about something totally unrelated to what I was about to do when Zach yelled out, “FOCUS!”

I ended up missing the lift. D’oh. The next few sets were better. Lesson learned.

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