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Dear Monday, I love you

Poor Monday. It gets such a bad rap.

It begins of the work week, bringing sadness to so many. We grieve the memories of our fabulous weekend and realize it’s gone, never to reappear.And Friday is soooooo far away. Ugh.

It’s Monday. We must return to our work, carrying our coffee mugs and lamenting the fact that it’s Monday.

Or do we?

Do we really need to treat every Monday as if it’s some kind of punishment? What happens if we just one day decide that Monday is the best day of the week?

Because it offers new opportunities?

Because we get to do our life’s work?

Because we’re one step closer to our goals?

In my case — because I get to throw around heavy weights in the morning and feel strong?

Because I get to see my work friends and laugh and scheme about how we’re going to change the world?

Because I need time away from my family to be able to come home to them and truly appreciate and love them?

Hmmm… When you look at it that way, maybe Monday isn’t really the problem. Maybe it’s our attitudes.

On second thought, I think I love Mondays.

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