Cindy the runner?

A while ago I had decided not to do much running anymore. Other than the occasional 5K and the short bursts in my Crossfit workouts, I had pretty much decided that I didn’t want to run much anymore.

But I like having a goal to work toward, and ever since I left Crossfit behind, I have been thinking on and off about the Cap10K in April. It’s a race I had already decided I was going to do again. I’ve run it for at least three years. Or has it been four?I can’t remember when Jenny and I ran it together for the first time.

I love that race. The distance feels significant but not too far. And I love being part of such a large group of runners. It feels like being PART of Austin.

But this time… I want to run it faster. Imagine how much faster I can be if I actually train for it! Rather than just scraping by thanks to good conditioning, I might actually improve my time.

In 2014, I want to shave 5 minutes off my time and run the Cap10K in 52 minutes.

Since I have no plans to join a running group, I found a training cycle to help me reach my goal. One of the Women’s Workout cycles on Breaking Muscle is training to complete a 10K in 43-52 minutes. Perfect!

It has three workouts a week for 12 weeks, with a mixture of intervals, sprints, hill runs and long runs. I am supposed to follow up each run with a bodyweight workout.

I decided to use two of my off days for strength training — no met-cons. I’ve tried that and burned out fast. I settled on 4 weeks of the Starting Strength program. After 4 weeks, I’m going to start the “Lift Like a Girl” routine and see how that goes.

Yesterday I started working backward on my calendar from race day back to when training should begin.

As I was putting the workouts into my calendar, I started to get a little freaked out. The runs were pretty intense, and I haven’t been doing much at all. I think the most I’ve done recently is 4 x 800m in a workout. There aren’t 12 weeks until I should start the 10K cycle, so I decided to work up to it. I found another training cycle — this one for a 5K. I jumped into it right in the middle.

Week 7 began today with a 5 mile run.

Talk about intense! Since I can set the speed on the treadmill, I started with a faster clip, then at 1  1/2 miles, I dropped the intensity a little. I picked it up a mile later and repeated until I had finished 5 miles. I was dripping with sweat.

I followed up with just a couple of short bodyweight interval workouts:

1 minute Squat-Thrust-Burpee
1 minute Strict Push Ups
1 minute Alternating Abdominal Bicycles

Rest 1 minute between sets.

4 Rounds:
30 seconds of Bird Pickers (right leg)
30 seconds of Bird Pickers (left leg)
10 Unbroken Knees to Elbows
1 minute Janda Situps

The workout took me a while, so I’ll need to plan a little extra time in the morning. And I need to make sure I have a healthy snack immediately available if breakfast won’t be for a while. I’ve considered a post-workout recovery shake, but for now I’ll stick with real food and see how it goes.

It’s nice to have a goal to focus on that isn’t work. And this one feels attainable. I just have to work for it. But nothing that is worth achieving ever comes easy.

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