This is my race

CAP10K 2014 Selfie

My inner voice told me to keep going. I’m glad I listened.

I ran in the 2014 Cap10K four days ago and I’m just now getting over being sore.

Which is crazy because it’s not like I haven’t been running long distances.

But this race was difficult. I wasn’t feeling right. I had only been running intervals for the few weeks before. Following the training regimen I had been using for guidance was agony. Or maybe it wasn’t, and I just did not want to devote the time.

It also didn’t help that I did not sleep as much as I should have the night before the race. There was a rare night out — a fundraiser for the kids’ school. Then I was up working late. Again. Or maybe it was the glass of red wine I had with dinner. Did I really need it? Should I have had more water? I’m not young anymore. I don’t bounce back as quickly.

Did I mention there were hills?

There were 6 big hills on the course. The first three were very steep. I have been running almost exclusively on a treadmill. Even though I raise the incline, it is no substitute for the massive hills on the race course. But I’m proud of myself. I did not stop. Here’s the mental conversation I was having:

-Don’t stop. Keep going.

-But this is harder than I expected. I can stop if I want to. This is my race.

-That’s right — it’s your race. That should keep you going. Don’t worry about the people running by. You need to keep going. You will get mad at yourself later for stopping. You know you can do this. This ain’t your first rodeo.

-This is my race…. This is my race….

Still, as difficult as the race seemed at the time, I did not do too poorly. In fact, I was right on par with last year. My time was 1:00:58, and since I’ve been training at that pace, I’m not surprised at my results.No, I did not reach my goal, but as my friend Jenny pointed out — there is always next year.

My kids rock.

Pre-race 2On the other hand, I’m super proud of Luke and Madeline. They both ran in the CapKids race the day before. Luke improved his 1-mile time by at least a minute from last year. He looked great running through to the finish line!

And Madeline? She ran the WHOLE FREAKIN’ THING. A mile. She ran it. She’s 3.

I think I’m doing something right.

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