Endurance WOD: 400m repeats


400m on a track:
Start somewhere on oval; run around the curve toward the left; finish at same spot on oval.
400m at my house:
Start in backyard on mulch; run around porch corner; dodge homemade rings dangling from pull up bar; through the gate; over the weedy side yard; around the carport post; sharp left at the sidewalk; maneuver over bumby, uneven sidewalk; U-turn at the 2nd telephone pole; back down the sidewalk; sharp right at the driveway; dodge the car; through overgrown weeds; in the gate; around the rings; around the porch corner and back to the start.
It’s been a while since I did a straight up endurance WOD. I toyed with the idea of adding something like squats, but I decided that would be too much like a met-con.
This one pretty much killed me. It laid me out, but I went all out on this one.

8 x 400m repeats
(Rest the exact time it took to run interval.)
1) 1:54
2) 1:53
3) 1:55
4) 1:54
5) 1:55
7) 1:54
8) 1:53

I was shocked by my times. All under 2 mins! Yay!
I still feel shaky, but what a workout!

Stroller WOD

“I’m so glad I don’t have to lift anything heavy today.”

Andy was making dinner when he said that.  We were having an early Easter dinner — just the four of us (Mads always sits at the table with us, even if she doesn’t eat the same food).  The plan was to beat the heat by eating, taking the kids to the playground, THEN doing our endurance WOD.

It seemed like a good idea in theory.

Reflecting on what actually happened, I realize we kept the kids up way too late.  Plus, I was so focused on me and MY performance, I forgot how important it is to include the kids.  They’re not just passive riders — they want to play, too.

20 seconds on; 10 seconds off x distance
until completion
total distance: 2 miles

It was Easter, and Zilker Park was absolutely crazy.  There were families EVERYWHERE, with picnic sites set up that seemed more like living rooms than park areas.  Stereos were pounding, and off in the distance, a drum circle was going.  And going.  And going.  I started to wonder what exactly the drummers were high on, because it didn’t stop for the entire time we were there.

We made our way to the trail, which was busy, but since the weather was so beautiful and there was a cool breeze, I wasn’t surprised.  After we finished our first mile, Luke wanted to get out and run with us.  I was in runner mode, and I resisted.  But Andy yanked me back into mom mode with a few poignant looks.  Luke eventually jumped back in the stroller.

I didn’t do as well as I would have liked.  Pushing the stroller and trying to sprint is really hard.  It’s difficult to get up to speed quickly. We’ll revisit this one at a later date, but hopefully there will be less traffic on the trail.

In case you do sprints like this on a busy trail (with or without a stroller), here are Andy’s rules:

  • Run in really fast, in short bursts
  • Don’t stop on a hill — continue sprinting!
  • Don’t stop right in front of someone you just passed

And my rule:

  • Don’t get caught behind bikes and dog leashes.  Sprint as fast as you can to get around those people.
  • Use the stroller to your advantage.  People WILL get out of your way.

This was my last WOD before my recovery week.  All this week I’m doing active stuff, but I’m not working out.  I’ll return to my workout schedule on Saturday with one of my gym’s free community workouts (plus one at home).  Maybe I’ll see you there!


400m repeats

For the first time — since before I got pregnant with Mads — I showed up at the track for one of the free Endurance workouts.  Unlike the last time I showed up at the track, it wasn’t cold and dark.  It was sunny and sweltering.

96 degrees.

And I had just done “Fran” that morning.  What was I thinking?

Maybe the heat had affected me.  Or my friends.  Beth and Steph went with me, and this is what we did with about 5 other Crossfitters:

4 rounds
400m run
50 squats

The goal was to go hard on the run and use the squats as recovery.  Coach Benjamin, who is part of Crossfit Central’s Endurance program, said we should aim to keep each 400 under 2 minutes and within 10 seconds of each other.

My first 400 was 1:49, but I don’t know what the rest were.  I don’t have a watch and it was HOT.  I’m sure they weren’t within 10 seconds of that.  I have no idea how long the entire WOD took, but I was really sweaty afterward.  It felt good to be be over, but in the end, it was good to be back at the track.

When I got home, I FEASTED on the frittata Andy had made for dinner and some salad.  I was sooooooo hungry.  And I wondered whether I would be able to drag myself out of bed in the morning to do the home WOD I had planned.

Guess what.  I didn’t.  Maybe tonight.

These are the crazy days of our lives

I’m surprised I’m awake at this hour.  The past two days at work have been nuts.  Of course, yesterday was much worse than today, thanks so some idiot who decided to fly his plane into a building.  I worked an 11 hour shift and came home and collapsed.

Andy’s comment was, “At least you already did a WOD.”

True, very true.  It was a good one too:

5 rounds
15 overhead squats (M 95# / W 65#)
400m run

I know I *could* have done 45#, possibly 50# for the overhead squats, but I decided to play it safe and go for speed rather than weight.  I chose a 35# bar.  As an added benefit, I didn’t have to pair up with anyone, so no one had to wait on me to finish a set.  I felt bad enough slowing Lisa down on Tuesday.

This was the first time I wore my Vibrums for a running WOD.  I need to work up to running longer distances, so I’m glad I wore them. (My calves hurt today as a result.)

My goal was to take as few breaks as possible and work on form.  Honestly, I felt good.  I was definitely pushing it.  I did all of the lifting sets without putting down the bar, and I worked really hard to squat low.  Even though my runs were kind of slow, I finished in good time: 17:05.

Today, I did the week’s Endurance WOD with my friend Pam.  We met up at the track across from the gym and got to watch a couple of kids making out on the bleachers while we warmed up and started.  Uh… ick.

4 rounds
Tabata walking lunges (4 sets)
400 m run
(*Rest the time it took to run 400m)

I’m having trouble remembering that time a few months ago when I enjoyed running.  I would really like to get that feeling back again, because it’s no fun not getting along.  Basically, the running was hard.  Fortunately, my times were pretty consistent — about 2 minutes for each run.  The total workout time took about 22 minutes.


One more challenge WOD to take of from this week, and then we’re onto Week 7!  Almost there!

Running drills — Part II

At one time I thought I would never enjoy running.

I remember slugging away more than 10 years ago on the Town Lake trail, barely able to run 1/4 mile without stopping.  Then in Houston, I was running in the heat, always feeling hurt in my hips or knees….

Ahhh… how times have changed.

On Wednesday morning I headed out for the second of the free Crossfit Endurance workouts.  The cold front was coming in as I was leaving, so I was dressed completely inappropriately by the time I arrived at the track, even though I had on tights, a jacket, a hat and gloves.  Brrrr!

But fortunately, the running kept me warm.  We did our warmup, and then ran around the track twice before beginning the drills.  We went through the drills quickly — the wind was bitter.  I was the only one who had returned from the previous week, and I tried to remember everything they had told me about pulling with my hamstrings, keeping my ankle relaxed… Carey described it as kind of like pedaling a bike — making circles.

Then, the workout:

60sec on/20 sec off
50sec on/20 sec off
40sec on/20 sec off
30sec on/20 sec off
20sec on/20 sec off
10sec on/20 sec off
Repeat the series back up the ladder to 60 seconds

I felt fast, although I don’t know how many times I circled the track.  The other girl there said she wondered if I was riding a bike I was moving so quickly.  I laughed, but it’s true I was thinking of Carey’s analogy as I was running.

I’m seriously considering joining the endurance program in addition to my twice-weekly indoor classes.  I’m really enjoying it.  Andy and I are talking about it, but there’s no question that it will have to wait until after the I AM Crossfit challenge.

Oh, and there’s homework.  They finally posted it.  I’ll have to set time aside this weekend:

Homework 1
Tempo: 8 min time trial.
Cover as much distance as possible in 8 minutes.

Homework 2
Hill repeats: 2 x .5 – .75 miles
Rest 1 min before descending, rest 1 min at the bottom