We’re ‘special’

Zach calls us his “special” class. That’s his tactful way of saying we (the noon Olympic Lifting class) need a lot of work. Last week, I felt like I caused Zach much consternation and exasperation. I don’t like disappointment myself or my coach, so I try REALLY hard. Do I mess up? You bet. Sometimes […]

Pouting and strength

I’ve been doing a bit of pouting lately.  OK.  A lot of pouting. See, change can be hard, especially when you get into a groove and think you’re going along just fine. And I’m not gonna lie and say everything’s hunky-dory, because that wouldn’t be true.  That wouldn’t be real.  And yes I know I […]

Spoke too soon…

Remember what I said about Baby Angie being a little too easy? Turns out it wasn’t.  I just didn’t feel the effects until the next day.  The workout I had planned for Wednesday hurt.  A lot. “Abby” 3 rounds 20 Push press (65#) 20 Step ups 20 Overhead squats (45#) Time: 16:53 I used the […]