Hamstrung by handstands

I have a confession to make.

I hate handstands.

I have tried to like them. I have tried to work on them. And I still suck at them. Therefore I hate them.

How did this come up? I dropped into Friday morning’s Crossfit class to make up for July 4, and handstand holds were in the WOD. Tabata handstand holds.

I considered not showing up to class.

On round one, I half-heartedly attempted a handstand hold against the wall. I was not prepared. Coach Carey ended up showing me a scaled version on a box. I felt like such a loser. Here I am, letting my fear overtake me, yet again.

I had told her I hate being upside down. But that’s only partly true. It’s the process of GETTING upside down that I hate. I have successfully ended with my feet up in the air and my arms locked out with help, but the kick up is nerve-racking. Handstand walks? Ugh. Wall walks? Double ugh.

You get the idea.

I know that one day I need to attack this fear. I’m not sure when I want to do that. I’ve found I’m more successful when I go after only a couple of physical goals. Right now it’s pullups, getting my shoulder and neck mobility back up to par, and beating sugar (again).

Should I really take on another goal? Should I really worry about mastering handstands now?

Photo credit: andreasnilsson1976 via photopin cc