Interval runs: Scaring the neighbors

I think I freaked out my 90+ year old neighbor this morning.

Thelma is — seriously — the sweetest, most vibrant and active elderly woman I’ve ever met. But I think I completely freaked her out. And if I didn’t, she was VERY suspicious.

I was just finishing up my workout (which was:)

6 x 400m run
5 x 50m sprints

It was dark — just after 6am — when I ran by her house on the last sprint. I was walking back, feeling good about shaving time off of my sprint when she walked outside to pick up her newspaper.

“Good morning, Thelma!” I said, but I tried to greet her quietly so I wouldn’t disturb the other neighbors.

Silent stare.

“How are you today?” I panted (I was still recovering from the sprint).

Silent stare.

I smiled, wondered if she heard me, and kept walking. I felt her eyes follow me. And I think she even walked out to the sidewalk to see where I was going. I don’t think she recognized me. I’m sure I looked pretty weird. I was wearing my dark blue bandana (a gang symbol!) and I was carrying my stopwatch (what the hell is that in her hand?!).

I tried to look nonchalant and did not look back. I didn’t want to look any more suspicious than I already did. I mean, who runs up and down the sidewalk in the dark?

Ha ha! I hope Thelma’s OK. One day I’ll have to go over there and explain.

Good intervals, though:

400s — 2:01 / 1:52 / 1:50 / 1:51 / 1:53 / 1:51
50s — 11 secs each sprint

I finished up inside with some core training.

3 rounds
5 Wheel roll-outs
15 V-ups
20 Russian Twists with med ball
12 Supermans

Work out like your life depended on it

Sometimes, in my reading, I run across a statement that kind of clings to me.  At least it does for a while.  And it keeps coming back to me.

This week’s statement: Work out like your life depended on it.

I may have read it on Facebook.  It doesn’t matter.

What matters is the sentiment.  Work out like your life depended on it.  Give it everything you have — because there are no other chances.

I thought about that a lot during Tuesday’s WOD.  There was a sprint in it, and I tried to imagine myself running from some crazy monster.  There’s been a lot of talk about zombies lately, but zombies aren’t my thing.  When I imagine a monster, I’m thinking this guy:

I know I’m a goofball.

4 rounds
200m sprint
5 cleans (M 155# / W 105#)
5 Muscle Ups
5 Handstand Pushups

There was a 15 min cutoff, but at the end, Zach said the WOD needed 20 minutes.  I don’t think anyone finished.

As far as I was concerned, I wanted to work as hard as I could, particularly strength-wise.  I hit all of the sprints as hard as I could.  I loaded my bar with 85#, dropping down to 80# for the WOD only because my form was REALLY off,  (It improved at 80# and yet it remained extremely challenging.)  And I did the muscle ups scaled from my knees on the ground.  I think next time I should try a box.  It might be time.

Results: Completed 3 rounds + sprint @ 80#

Hill sprints — they’re just evil

I did 2 kinds of sprinting Sunday, and one of them was not kind.

First off, knowing that Jenny wasn’t feeling well and not excited about the prospect of pushing through 3 miles myself, I suggested we do sprints.  I got the idea from Mark’s Daily Apple.  The WOW a couple of weeks ago looked really fun, and let’s face it — exercise, if not life, should be FUN.

So we started — a little haphazardly at first — but then I got the Tabata app on my iPod set to 10 seconds on, 45 seconds rest.

The people we darted by looked at us a little weird, because we would just take off with a burst of speed, stop, and pick our conversation back up.  We did that from Zach Scott all the way to the middle of the MoPac pedestrian bridge at Lady Bird Lake, then we walked the long way around. It was great.

A few hours later, I met my teammates for Week 3’s endurance WOD.  While the company was good, the WOD itself was quite torturous.

We chose a section of road in Northwest Hills that I’m told running groups will train on.  And I have to say — it was a lot harder running up this hill than when I did this WOD last year at Murchison MS.

8 hill runs — max intensity

Results: 42-38-39-39-42-41-42-42

The first hill run was slower because I went a few yards farther, but on round 2 we settled on 120 yards.  The last 50 were straight up.


They’re evil I tell you.