Why I’m walking the distance

I have this playlist on my phone titled “Run,” but it’s an old title. I haven’t been doing much running lately outside of my Crossfit workouts.

Part of it is that my running buddy moved away. Part is that I don’t have time to drive anywhere to run and I don’t enjoy running the flat roads in my neighborhood. And part is that I’m just not that into running right now.

But I am into walking. I feel like an old lady writing that — but it’s true. Back in January and February, when I was doing the Crossfit challenge, I got up super early to complete an extra workout before moving on with my day. I started thinking about it, and I realized that once the challenge was over, I could still get up early, but I could walk the dogs in that time before I had to get going on the day.

The dogs and I have walked 4 or 5 times a week every week since then.

The dogs absolutely love me. We walk, and then when we get home, I feed them. How could they not love me? In the morning, Goose hovers next to me, tail fwapping (yes- fwapping is a word I purposely coined just for her) in my face as I lace up my shoes. She’s quite annoying, actually. Her butt is moving about as fast as her tail. And then she can’t sit still as I try to attach the leash to her. Bennie usually watches calmly– until the leashes come down — and then she’s barking extremely loudly.

As our walks are usually before dawn, I try my best to quiet her, but more than a few times she’s woken the kids with her bugle. I’m not sure whether it’s better to wake the kids or the neighbors.

On weekdays, since I’m walking before Olympic Lifting or work, we don’t go as far. Maybe 1 1/2 miles. Sometimes 2. It depends.

On the weekends, I like to walk longer. We’ve gotten up to 4 miles or more. I haven’t done that lately because the weather has been so warm and Bennie looks like she’s about to faint about halfway through.

I love being outside. But I do take my music, and I try to keep pace as we move. I feel like I know some streets so well, but we try to walk different routes every time.

I guess my walks are my time to be “alone” and meditate. When I miss a walk, I feel a little lost. like something is missing. It’s become part of my routine for waking up and thinking through my goals, my tasks, my dreams…

Do you ever feel like that?

Running after baby

I haven’t been able to write about my workouts over the weekend because of this:

Madeline sits on the floor, wearing pick shoes
Madeline got her first pair of shoes this weekend.

Madeline is now walking, and as a result, life just got a bit more hectic. I’m now running — literally, running — after two kids. THIS IS WHY I HAVE TO STAY FIT AND ACTIVE! Well… that and my own quality of life, but the kids are a huge reason, too.

Mads took her first few steps on Luke’s birthday, and now she’s toddling farther and farther distances.  I’m still a huge proponent of being barefoot, but it’s SOOOOOOOO hot out there and the pavement is scalding that we decided to get Mads’ her first pair of shoes over the weekend.  You won’t catch her in shoes when she’s inside.  In fact, she pretty much takes them off whenever she can.

Other than run after my kids, I did a lot this weekend as far as activity.  Saturday morning was a skills session for the Iron Belle Challenge in a couple of weeks.  And on Sunday, Andy challenged me to finish my run in under 30 minutes.  But writing about those WODs will have to come tomorrow.  It’s time to rest up for class.


This workout will make you — jump, jump

Living in Austin during the summer makes me appreciate the wonderfulness of fall, especially since fall-like temperatures don’t usually hit us until November.

The morning workouts have been chilly, but refreshing.  And Friday, Andy and I had a chance to workout at home when it actually felt good to have the sun warm your back.

It was one of those workouts we didn’t have a lot of time for — baby girl was restless and I had someplace to be — so we had to put a 20 minute time limit on this one from Ross:

8 rounds
100 jump rope swings
10 push ups
15 med ball slams (15#)
20 lateral med ball jumps

I finished 5 rounds in 20 minutes, which I think was pretty good.  It’s been ages since I jumped rope or did slams or med ball jumps.  Plus the jumping rope was in the backyard — in the grass (dirt).

We decided to revisit the workout in a couple of months to see whether we could do more rounds.

We meant to do a running WOD on Saturday, but we were both so sore, it never happened.  It turned it into an active recovery day — just walked a few miles with Jenny around the lake.  It was chilly and gorgeous.  Of course, it was our last walk for a while — we’re running again!  Yowza!

It may be October, but the November clean up begins

Get out your pom-poms and mini-American flags, because it’s time to cheer: November is clean up month!

At least for me it is.  I’ve struggled to really commit to cleaning up my ice cream-loving, sugar-craving self for the past month, but no more!!  This time I mean it.  Might as well — I want to fit into my old jeans again and I start back at the gym next week.

And 1 day in — so far so good.  I’m trying to watch quantity as well as quality.  Definitely not easy.  Getting adequate sleep is als0 a challenge, which makes eating well and workouts tougher, but you do what you can, you know?

Yesterday I went for a 1.6 mile walk around Lady Bird Lake, while holding Mads in the sling,  It’s kind of like wearing a weighted vest.

Then I did a workout.  I threw in a 400 m run during the warm-up, then this:

5 rounds
15 dips
10 OH squats
5 pull ups

Time: 10:06

Full disclosure: I used the rebar instead of the bar for the squats.  That significantly reduced the weight, but I was more interested in form.  I’ve been squatting high for so long, I need to work on depth, which is really hard for me with such a heavy weight.  It’s also been months since I did pull ups, so I did those with the tightest band.  They were tough!!

I’ve been doing a lot of the cooking at my house lately.  Got to be honest with you — it’s such a thrill to use the majority of the meat and veggies in the fridge each week. And not because I feel they’re healthy.  It’s because we tend to forget about when we have and waste it, so I love actually using it!

Last night I whipped up some coconut curry, using chicken thighs, cauliflower and the eggplants we harvested from our garden.  I’m also the queen of salads, so I made a big one with greens, tomatoes and green beans from the garden,  cucumber, carrots and pecans.  Yum!!

Recovery and return

Hey — check out this link from my gym on Crossfitting while Pregnant.

It’s been more than 2 weeks since my daughter was born, and I have to admit, it’s been a rough recovery so far.

I feel no need to go into the details of how I’ve been feeling, because 1) I don’t like to sound like I’m complaining.  I keep that for the privacy of my own home and 2) I’m a very private person.  But suffice it to say, I’ve been sore and feeling rather weak.

Slowly but surely I’ve been improving, thanks in part to lots of Ibuprofen and to just staying as active as possible.  Even doing housework and walking around the house and trying to keep after everyone who lives here can be quite active.

My efforts are finally paying off.  I am finally feeling better.  So today I started what I hope will be the first of daily walks with Madeline.  It was a leisurely pace, but according to my route-mapper, I went 1.7 miles.  That’s the farthest I’ve been in weeks, possibly months.  I’m hoping to build up my strength and start running a little, too.  I even have a jogging stroller ready to go.

I also, nervously, decided to do a WOD last night at home with Andy.  I took it easy.

7 rounds
7 pushups
7 dumbbell squats (15#)
7 push press (15#)

Time 10:45

It was nice to move some weights again.  I’m hoping I’ll be up to another workout tonight or tomorrow.

I’ve been peeking at the scale the past few days, and while I know weight is not as important as body fat percentage and muscle, I was curious if I had lost any pregnancy weight.

The answer? Yes.  I’ve lost a little more than half of the weight I gained.  To get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I need to lose 5-10 more pounds.  That’s encouraging!

I don’t plan on restricting what I eat too much, because I’m breastfeeding right now and burning about 500 calories everyday just to support that.  Yet another benefit to breastfeeding!

Brummer “Belly” Challenge begins

The challenge Andy and I decided to do began Saturday.

We decided to do this at least a month ago since I would not be participating in the challenges at my gym.

The hope was that we would have an Olympic bar and weight set to use during the 8 weeks of workouts.  That was not to be.  We also have not put together our workouts in advance.

But, we’re still committed to eating clean and working out 5 days a week, including strength training.

Yesterday was the first day I’ve eaten that clean in weeks… maybe months.  We even went out to our favorite haunt for breakfast, and despite being tempted by cheese, and said no. WIN!

I felt awesome when we decided to take Luke for a walk around Lady Bird Lake and finally end up at the bats.  Unfortunately, I overestimated my ability to walk more than 4 miles and walk that distance in my Vibrums.

I’ve been wearing my Vibrums more and more, even for normal things like work and errands.  But my feet were not pleased as the distance added up on the trail, and neither was my body.  Resting all week has meant a lot of sitting on my butt.  I felt stiff and, well… pregnant.  My back ached, my legs dragged, and I had trouble keeping up with Andy who was pushing a heavy stroller, and not walking very fast at all.

While I’m glad I pushed it, because my feet need strengthening, I ended up with a blister under my big toe, and I was too exhausted to do our first challenge workout.

Sigh.  This is going to be a challenge for SURE.

But, no worries.  It’s just the reality of my situation at the moment.  Everything will be fine.  We stayed active — which is a great way to end any day.  We’ll do the workout this morning, and we’ll continue to eat clean.  It might just be the kick-start I need.

March for Babies

March of Dimes -- March for Babies bannerI may not be running in events right now, but I can still walk.

Yesterday, one of my co-workers invited people to join the KVUE team for the March of Dimes March for Babies, which takes place in Austin on May 8.  I decided to sign up for the 3.2 mile walk, because I’m always interested in helping premature babies, even when I’m not expecting.

I am raising money, and I’m happy to take donations, since the point of the walk is to raise money.

Should be a fun walk.  🙂