Supposed to work, ready to work… so why am I not working?

I’m ready to work. I’m ready to jump in and get really deep into all of these projects I have started. Yep. There’s my pencil, and the desk has been cleaned off. The monitor screens are dust-free, and I have a full glass of water nearby. Yep, it’s time to get crackin’. Yep….
So why am I not working? Why is updating the website luring me away from the task at hand? Checking Emailing friends about my intentions? Looking at the scheduler on my I-Paq and making adjustments? Come on Cindy… work! Too wet to ride, too early to go to the gym. It’s a full, empty day, ripe with possibilities! No skate shop, no William-Sonoma. No house to clean or groceries to buy. Nothing. Just time to work.
Okay. I’m going to get started… just let me check my email one more time.