Christmas is coming…. ahhhhh!!!!!

The newspapers are filled with stories of shoppers mobbing stores for early morning bargains, pushing, shoving, and the kinds of behavior Santa would definetely not approve of. Yes, the Christmas season is here. Threats of the fast-approaching holiday season in Old Navy commercials finally full-filled themselves, and that traditional season of buying everything you can for your loved one, decorating to the nigh, and throwing Christmas parties is here. Ahhh, time to crawl in the house and hide.
I’m somewhat torn about how I feel during this time of year. I usually enjoy Christmas, and the decorations, and the food; but, at the same time, I feel loathsome toward the blantent commercialism that has hijacked this religious holiday. Each year I feel less and less jolly as Christmas approaches. I was hoping this year would be better, now that I’ve shed my mall retail job, in lue for one at a specialty shop. I’ve also managed to avoid working the entire week of Thanksgiving; however, it hasn’t helped much. Oh sure, being with family is great. And, I’m very appreciative of this time I have with them: especially since this is my first Thanksgiving home in years. But I just can’t get anymore excited. Am I the only one? Am I the only person who looks out on the yearly rush of the holidays as an incredible bore that merely causes me more stress and weight gain than I need?
This year, with the move to Austin, I’ve decided not to drag my Christmas decorations down from the attic. I would be the only one there to look at them, anyway, and would they really bring me that much joy?
Perhaps the holiday spirit will strike me in the coming days, when I receive a card, or witness some act of kindness and giving. Or when I realize how to express my love to different family members with gifts I actually thought about and made, instead of handing over my credit card. High hopes indeed.