She's a Crafty Sort…

I once made fun of scrapbooking. I told a girl I know that I couldn’t believe anyone spent that much time, energy, and money pasting photos and things into a book. Coincidentally, she and her friends stopped inviting me to their scrapbooking gatherings. In telling the story later to my hairdresser, she pointed out that scrapbooking offers some women a chance to get together and bond and that some of the work is gorgeous. I told her that I hadn’t thought of that, and for once, felt ashamed that I said bad things about the practice. But the thought was fleeting. I still think scrapbooking is stupid.

I don’t know why, it just seems silly. It’s just an activity I don’t think is fun… so forgive me. Maybe it’s because it’s such a new craft. I have a lot of respect for the crafts my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother did… we’re talking about embroidery, knitting, crocheting, sewing, and quilting. I even do some cross stitch myself. And every winter, I try to learn something new. Last year it was knitting, but I think I need a refresher course. This year I want to learn mosaics. To me, that’s something tangible. Something you can see every day.

I made scrapbooks when I was in high school. Part of the fun was that I was just putting in everything that meant something to me… and not everything looked pretty. That was part of the fun. Besides… I never look at those scrapbooks. What good is it to put all your time and energy into something you rarely enjoy? That’s just me. I’m sure there are people who feel differently, like that girl I must have insulted. But I’m glad I don’t have to make up an excuse not to go to those scrapbooking parties.