Nearing the light at the end of the tunnel…

David Anderson points to colored soils in Mound WallSunday morning… but it’s not about lounging today… it’s about getting shit done.  Yep, no more putting it off.  MOST of Shiloh is complete, but there’s still the matter of some last minute video.  And today’s the day. 

The whole point of my documentary is that the archaeologists found that the mound at Shiloh was intended to be colorful, and possibly communicate a message.  The Mississippians sought out colorful dirt to create the mound.  So… I need to shoot some video of colorful man-made things, and I will use that video to tie our society to societies of the past.  It will work, trust me.  I just hope that I didn’t put this shoot off too long.  I’m a little worried about finding colorful buildings and monuments.  There don’t seem to be many here in Austin, other than private residences.  I hesitate to shoot video of someone’s house.  There are colorful decorations on some of the University buildings… we’ll probably go there.  I don’t think that my camera will arouse too much suspicion since RTF students are on campus all the time.  I guess I’m just being cautious, but you know how the government is nowadays.  They freak out if anyone shoots video of government buildings.  Fortunately I don’t need more than 30 seconds in the final edit.

I also need some video from Town Lake.  Turtles… snakes… water… SIGH.  It’s almost done!