ACL Day 2

DustLet me cough up the dust in my chest and I’ll tell you how day 2 at ACL went.
No kidding… real dust.  The grass couldn’t stand up to the people at the festival and literally bit the dust.  By about 4 p.m. a thick layer hung in the air.  As the sun began to set, it was really noticeable.  And by the end of the evening, many people, myself included, had tied bandanas or scarves around their faces to keep the dust out.  Nasty.  I seem to remember more grass last year.  Less dirt.

Anyway, we arrived a little later Saturday so the heat wouldn’t zap us as badly.  We arrived in time to see the last 15 minutes of Built to Spill.  They were cool I guess. Nothing to write home about. 
Let’s see… then we saw the Frames.  The Chronicle raved about them.  I kind of liked them, because their songs were easy to listen to, but Andy and Greg weren’t crazy about them.  We left after 2 songs, so I didn’t have time to give them a chance. 
We checked out Martin Sexton, and hated what we heard and took off immediately for the AV stage, which so far hasn’t let me down.
What Made Milwaukee Famous was apparently a last minute sub for some other band, and they weren’t bad.  I probably wouldn’t mind seeing them live again.  It was your basic rock-punk sound.
We walked up to a mobbed Cingular stage to see Death Cab for Cutie.  They weren’t bad.  I could get into them I suppose. 

Walkmen1We left halfway through the set to get ready for a show all of us had been looking forward to.  The Walkmen.  These guys were awesome.  We actually stayed for the whole show, and Andy and I took advantage of our photo passes to get some close up in the photo pit during the first three songs.  This is the lead singer — crooning — off to the right.
They were so good.. so smooth.. fast-paced and energetic.  Finally… another CD I can get at Waterloo Records.  I wish I could describe them better.  I’m no music critic with slick descriptions.  But since they seem to suck at recommending bands… let me do the recommendations.   See the Walkmen.  They’re from New York and sound great.

We didn’t really have another band we wanted to see right after the Walkmen show so we kind of wandered.  I could hear the Dirty Dozen Brass Band in the Gospel tent.  I think I would have really liked to hear more from them, and I made a mental note to see them when they perform around town again.
My brother wanted us to see a little Widespread Panic, which I had been resisting… mostly because they were headliners, and I tend to shun the headliners.  Eh… you know… jam music.  I felt like I should have been tripping.
We caught some of the Drive by Truckers set, and, I swear, I don’t remember thinking they were that good last year, but this year I really liked them.
We walked over to the AV stage to see some of Roky Erikson, which I was totally getting into, but the band on the next stage was so fast-paced and energetic, it kind of drew us there… Bloc Party was great.  I guess they’re British or something.  The singer’s voice was so familiar, but I couldn’t figure out why. 

We saw a bit more of Widespread Panic before taking off.  While walking to the shuttles we caught the Oasis set, much to our dismay.  They’re still singing the shit that was so popular in the 90’s… you know… the songs everyone knows because they played them incessantly on the radio for 2 years.  Everyone in line was singing them while we were walking.  Ick!

Day 3 tomorrow—– with FRANZ FERDINAND!  I love those guys!