ACL Day 3

Franz FerdinandDay 3 of the Austin City Limits Music Festival turned out to be the best music day for me.  I liked every band I saw, and even though it was by far also the hottest of the 3 days, it was well worth it.

We arrived after 2 and decided to find a seat for the Doves, which were going to perform 30 minutes later.  We had wanted to see some before the Doves, but we got a late start and the heat made us feel lazy.  Greg and I went out in the sun to hear the set, while Andy stayed on the blanket back under a tree.  It was so hot, sweat poured down my face and back, and I found people shadows to put me feet on, so the sun wouldn’t burn my toes.  I really liked the Doves.  I can’t really describe them better than they were a good rock band.  Some people compared them to U2, but I wouldn’t except in the very loosest terms.

Then we went over to another stage to get water and hear the Kaiser Chiefs.  They had a very vague-like Clash sound… but with more pop than punk.  They were good.

The Arcade Fire was next.  There were so many people… The band had violins and horns… it was really different, but good!  I told Andy the singer sounded like Depeche Mode, but he pointed out that the similarities stopped there.  The music was way better.

Bob Mould knows how to entertain the crowd.  He was the next set we saw. I was so exhausted form the heat, I actually fell asleep on the blanket during the show.  But not because he was boring.  Andy says that was his favorite performance.  I recognized one of the songs from a mix CD Andy made me years ago.  Bob’s been around forever, apparently, and he lives in Austin I think.  His rock was really good.

Fans go crazy for Franz FerdinandAndy and I left early for the photo pit at the SBC stage.  The place was mobbed… it took us 15 minutes to get through.  I think most people were camped out to see Coldplay, not the band we were looking forward to — Franz Ferdinand.  There were a ton of photographers, so with big, huge cameras, others with little point and shoot cameras, like Andy.  The crowd was going wild.  The couldn’t wait to see them.  They even started doing the old “Texas — Fight” chant.
Andy says he liked Franz Ferdinand’s performance better last year, because they were new to us.  We knew many of the songs this year.  But I don’t remember much about last year’s set.  They’re supposed to release their new album soon, which I’m sure we’ll get.

The dust was really getting thick during Franz Ferdinand, and we started walking toward the gates, but we decided to check out one last band — the Black Keys, who I loved.  They had a bluesy-rock sound that just sucked me in.  It was awesome.  Another CD to get next weekend at Waterloo.

Except for the dust, which was horrible, and the sun, it was a very successful festival.  You can’t do much about the heat, but the dust… I hope they’re more successful with the grass over the next year.  There were so many people with masks or bandanas… I’m not the only one who was bothered.  I’m still coughing up crap.