Just a strain… its alright

I was wondering if and when I would get hurt in Kung Fu.  It happened yesterday.
Andy and I went to a conditioning class, then regular class, and in the last 10 minutes, while practicing self-defense, I pulled one of those shoulder-neck muscles.  You don’t realize how vital those muscles are until you try to bend over or sit down. 
I’m feeling better now… a little stiff… but yesterday, the pain was terrible.  I iced it for several hours to take down the swelling.  My mom, an RN, recommended I take 400 mg of naproxin, and hit it with heat once it was well iced.  I knew my shoulder would feel stiff this morning if I didn’t keep it heated overnight, so I put one of those heated patches on it… you know, the kind that stick to your skin.  It stayed warm all night.  Let me tell you… if you every need a topical, Flexall is the way to go.  It works great!  I put that on this morning.
It’s kind of embarrassing to feel so vulnerable to a muscle pull.  It’s even more annoying when you have stuff to do.  I’m babying the shoulder, and I can’t even haul the laundry basket to the washing machine.  Ack!