My film's big in Belgium…

Suddenly my inspiration has returned.  Tonight, while checking email, I learned that my video, Voices from Shiloh’s Mound, has been accepted into the Archaeological Film Festival in Brussels.  They sent me an email asking for a projection copy.  I guess this means I’ll be shelling out some more money, but it seems worth it.

Since I finished the video back in June, I’ve felt more and more depressed that my video was just sitting there, doing nothing.  I’ve had no time to go after distributors.  But now, after getting that email, all that time and money I spent on the video feels better.  It’s actually going to compete, and my interest in it and all my other ideas has been revived.  I never thought Shiloh would be accepted into a film festival.  I really didn’t.  Wow.

Kineon (the Brussels festival) is in December.  The Archaeology Channel Film Festival is in February, so I still haven’t heard from them.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but there’s no way I’ll be able to attend either one.  I have no time off until next year AND, February is a ratings month at work — ALL HANDS ON DECK.  Gotta love TV.

I’m definitely going to dive into the Keyser Farm project this weekend.  I had planned on it anyway, but now… well… my resolve is stronger.