Four shows

This is a long-delayed entry.  Things have been so crazy, I haven’t had time to sit down and write about the 4 shows we went to last week.  Here they are:

Casting Couch
Andy and I know a guy from Kung Fu who plays guitar for this band.  They played at the Spider House last Saturday.  The music was good.  They sounded kind of songwriter/folksy…  Not a jam band, definitely, but cool to sit back and relax to over a beer. 

I was first introduced to Calexico at ACL 2004, and I fell in love.  I can barely describe what they sound lie… it’s so much.  I hear southwestern, jazz, rock… I don’t know… but the music seems to be a perfect musical description of the southwestern states from where they hail.  They toured with Iron and Wine, but we left after the first set.  I wish we hadn’t, because from what we heard, the rest of the show was even better.

Social Distortion
Andy made sure we went back to Stubb’s Tuesday to see Social D.  He loves these guys, and they’ve definitely grown on me over the years.  It was a real rock and roll show.  The first part I was able to stand on a stone bench with a bunch of other girls for a great view, but some of the other girls conspired to push me off… they kept inching back… so I gave up and got down.  But it was good nonetheless.  I just wish the set could have been longer.

Modest Mouse
Thursday night, Andy and I headed to the Austin Music Hall for the Sin City Tour of Modest Mouse. Love the band… hate the venue.  And I mean HATE.  It better be a damn good show to get us back there.  The doors opened at 8, so naturally, Andy and I arrived well after that time, only to find a line 4 blocks long. The people checking security were so slow, it took us 90 minutes to get in the door.  I’ve never appreciated Stubb’s more.
Once inside, the “pre-show” Sin City acts were going strong… complete with a comedian and titty girls who were about the ugliest, least talented people they could find.  The show was 18 and up because the whole thing was sponsored by Camel, which had plastered its logo everywhere.  There was a huge corral outside for the smokers, but people ignored it and smoked inside, which pissed me off because there’s an inside smoking ban and the club owners didn’t do anything to stop the smoking.
The Walkmen performed before Modest Mouse and they sounded great!  Unfortunately the crowd sucked.  They were dead, and the Walkmen didn’t get the reception they deserved.   Finally, Modest Mouse came on, and they sounded great.  They jammed on and on… old and newer stuff. 
In the middle of the set, some angry fat and pulled two large women up through the crowd, which was already tight, and decided to stand right in front of me.  Considering that there was barely any room for a skinny person in front of me, I was not happy, and gave him the glaring of a lifetime.  He got pissed and started cursing me and everyone else that he had paid his money and deserved to stand wherever he wanted, but I didn’t back down and he was forced to move over.  That made me smile.
We finally left around 1 before the encore, because it had been a very long night.  Thank goodness Modest Mouse was so good… it made the rest of the night worthwhile.