Returned to sender

I just found out why I didn’t hear anything from that film festival in Belgium.
My tape never made it.
I’m not sure why… I sent it Express International, and the guys at the post office even helped me.  Today I got the tape back in the mail with a from the mail center in Atlanta that the package had been opened and was undeliverable.
Unfortunately, nothing was marked to tell me exactly why it was undeliverable.
My last tape made it to the same address. 
Was it a victim of Homeland Security?
I can just see it now… a bunch of security jerks ripping open my package, believing they were saving their country, only to find a harmless tape about an archaeological dig in Tennessee.
Thank goodness I’m taking muscle relaxers for my back (I strained it yesterday and have to stay home from work for a few days), because if I was completely lucid I’d be pretty steamed.
That package cost me $68 to send… and it looks like it never made it.  They said they would keep all entries in their library after the festival.
I should have sent it FedEx.
Let that be a lesson.  Don’t trust the USPS.