A new spark

Dr. Britt Bousman holds an artifact from the Aquarena Dig/KVUE.comYesterday, my dream of becoming an independent documentarian was rekindled.  I went down to San Marcos to report on a dig for KVUE.com.  The story published this afternoon.  I’m pretty proud of it, especially since I got overtime to do it… and ever since I got pregnant, I’ve been more interested in staying in the newsroom in the air conditioning and going home to rest than being out in the field reporting.  So… as I told the archaeologist… it takes something that really interests me to get me away from the newsroom.

Anyway… he was telling me about the incredible rock art down in South Texas, and all of a sudden I got excited about shooting archaeology projects again.  He told me to give him a call when I was ready to head down there.  They do a field school in May… if I can pull the funding together and make some headway on my other pipeline project (Keyser Farm)… maybe I can pull it off… even with a newborn.  We’ll see… but at least I’m thinking about it again!