Going back to KVR

When I left UT and KVR-TV/Texas Student Television 8 years ago, I never imagined I would eventually go back and work with them.
Has it really be 8 years?
Damn I feel old.
Anyway, not too long ago, I was asked to serve on the Texas Student Publications Board, which oversees the TSP, which runs the Daily Texan, KVRX radio, Cactus yearbook, and KVR-TV (which they re-dubbed TSTV recently).  I accepted, and now I’m waiting approval from the University, so we’ll see.
I had lunch with my old station advisor and the TSP director today… and in that short time tried to get caught up with them.  My years at KVR were awesome.
But I thought differently then.  Maybe it was my immaturity.  Okay… more than likely it was.  Now that I’ve aged a few years and put in time at several different TV stations, I see things a little more clearly now, and I see the enormous potential of student tv beyond campus. 
Not that I plan on going in there and trying to change the world.  That isn’t the point. 
But what an awesome opportunity to help out the place that taught me just about everything I needed to know for my career.
And yes, I already have a lot on my plate, what with the baby and all… but I just can’t wait for a better time.