No ACL. Not this year.

So this year we aren’t going to the Austin City Limits Music Festival.  Call it a casualty of both parenthood and the dust from last year.
After last year’s ACL, Andy and I both decided if we were going again it would only be for one or two days — not all three — and we wouldn’t kill ourselves in the heat just to survive all day out at Zilker. The heat and the dust killed us.  I feel bad… because my brother went with us and it gave him a rotten impression of Austin and of Texas.
Then we had a baby.
I think we’ll spare our 5 week-old son the joys of the Texas heat, massive crowds and excruciatingly loud music.  Although one of his favorite bands is playing… The Shins.
Yeah… it IS one of his favorites. I must have played them often enough when I was pregnant for him to recognize them.  He calms right down when I play them.  Sometimes he drifts off to sleep like the music is a lullaby.  Other times he’s quietly alert in my arms.  I outta play them now because he’s starting to squirm.
Yep, no ACL for us this year.  It makes me a little sad.  I feel kind of old by not going.  But who knows?  There’s always next year.