Ow, that hurt

 I smashed my foot with a 30 lb dumbbell the other night.

Yeah, it really hurt.

Andy was having me do dumbbell squats, and I was doing well… until I got careless, and the darn thing fell and smashed my foot.  Talk about pain.  Andy ran to the kitchen to grab and ice pack, while I melted to the foot clutching my foot and dry-sobbing.

He tells me he ran back, and forgot that the pull-up bar was in the doorway — Bonk!  He smacked his head.

If there hadn’t been so much pain, you’d think we were in a sitcom.

The next day, fearing broken bones, I saw my podiatrist and had Xrays done.  I was really lucky.  Just bruising.  But he wrapped up my foot to help with the swelling and make my walking easier.  Now I’m wearing this hilarious boot and a wrap that really itches.  I get to talk it off on Friday.  It can’t come soon enough.