The Shaolin leg crusher

 Andy introduced me to a workout that he just recently made up — he calls it the Shaolin leg crusher.  It’s 10 of these monkey jumps from a 1st brown belt kata, then 10-15 Blue belt bird jumps, followed by a 400 meter sprint — repeated 4 times.

There are no arms or abs in this workout… just legs… and it did crush me.

The workout came just on the heels of my ride home from work, which was pretty tough, even though it was only 18 minutes.  I was heading mostly east-southeast, and because of Hurricane Dolly’s outer bands, I was headed into a fierce headwind.  To top it off, I have a very tough climb halfway through the ride that lasts a good mile.  I was hauling butt up the hill to make the light at Burnet road… and considering that I’m carrying an extra 25 pounds of computer and books and clothes on my bike… it was a serious workout.

Thank goodness the last mile of my journey is a nice easy downhill rollout.