You know you're a mom when…

Cindy and Luke with the new trailer

… you spend your birthday money on an activity you can do with a small person…

Yep… I went out and bought a trailer for the back of my bike.  I’ve been wanting to do it since Luke was born, but those trailers are a little out of my discretionary budget, and it’s been hard to find a reason to splurge.

Well, thanks to the generosity of my family, I finally bought a little Burley Honeybee trailer, which is so cute and not crazy expensive.  It can even be unhitched and wheeled around with a little swivel wheel attached to the trailer arm.

It arrived Thursday and we put it together the next night.  Saturday afternoon, Luke and I took it for a spin, and ended up riding for about 45 minutes.  I think the next ride will have to include a destination, because Luke got a little bored after about 30 minutes.  

Luke sitting in the trailer

I think tonight we will ride over to the pool… and maybe next weekend we’ll ride down to Central Market!

I know… I’m getting ahead of myself.  But it is really cool.  I have daydreams of riding him to his school next year (after he turns 3), because it’s not very far from the house.  In fact, it’s along my route to work.

The trailer also makes the ride a really good workout.  I mean, we’re talking about 16-20 pounds of trailer plus 25 pounds of Luke.  They’re on wheels, but when we head uphill, I can really feel it!

And Luke loves it.  We set off yesterday and he said “Wheeeee!”