No bike and no excuse

 I was lazy this week.  My goal was to ride my ride to work at least twice a week, and this week I rode only once, even though I could have done so three times.  Wednesday I told myself I had errands to do.  Thursday, even I couldn’t delude myself.  I had plenty of time and opportunity to pack and ride my bike. 
And on the way to work yesterday, I noticed every bike and scooter on the road — there seemed to be more than usual — and I couldn’t help but feel disappointed in myself.

To make up for it, Luke and I took a ride on the bike after I got home from work.  We took a long, meandering route to the playground and a direct route home as the sun set — riding a total of 25 minutes.

Next week, I’m leaving my mom with the car, so I’ll ride both Monday and Tuesday — no excuses there, hopefully.


I anticipate missing my Kung Fu class on Saturday morning as we prepare for Luke’s birthday party, so I went to Tuesday night’s black belt class.  It was more like “dragged myself” to the class, because I almost flaked several times,  When I arrived, no Master Joe, but it was Sifu Sean, who used to be one of my favorite teachers when I was a lower belt, and I was happy.  We reviewed and then learned another section of 1st spear.   I already had 2nd and 3rd spear and a little of 1st.  Now I have the first part of 1st spear and the last part… but the middle — not so much.  I’m sure I’ll fill it in at some point.
I’m working on several long forms — both open hand and weapons — right now.  If I can pull it off, I was hoping to be competent enough with the material to test about 6 months early, when I’m either not pregnant or just in the early stages.  I’m not sure Master Joe will go for it, but there are so many complicated moves and jumps at this level, that I simply can’t imagine being super-pregnant and trying to do it.  And I don’t want to put it off until after the baby arrives.  Time off could really hurt my progress.  Chances are good I’ll forget a good portion of it, and it could take me months to get back to testing level both physically and mentally.

Somehow I think most women don’t take their Kung Fu schedule into account when they’re planning their families.